Saturday, January 1, 2011

Steady March 2010

Happy 2011!!! How was your holidays?

My brother visited from the states and my sister visited from the Chubu region of Japan so hubby and I had a full house for a while. It was really fun to have everyone crammed into our itty bitty apartment. What a big and crazy slumber party ^.^ We went to see many places so I'll post pictures soon!

Anyway, back to this blog :) New year, old magazine, this is a backissue of Steady magazine from March 2010, quite a while ago! I sought this out for its Agnes B. freebie that came with a tote bag and small pouch with a heart charm.

Many Agnes B. bags have the same logo print that are white on black, so I thought this one was a tad different being black on pale khaki canvas. That said, the black bags are of course cleaner-looking than a khaki-colored canvas bag, which shows its wear more easily.

The tote measures 16(height) x 32(length) x 12(width) cm and the canvas feels thicker and sturdier than the usual flimsy canvas magazine freebie bags.

The pouch measures 9(height) x 12(length) cm with red zipper and a red heart charm that also doubles as its attaching loop. Of course, you can also use other charms the same way as the pouch doesn't have its own handle.

The tote bag doesn't have closure but comes with an interior pocket. It is not lined but the inside seams are all covered with piping, all in all very well made with the stitchings even and no loose threads anywhere. Along with the Beams tote from Steady June 2010 issue and the Alba Rosa tote from Non-no July 2010 issue, this has now one of my top favorite freebie bags due to quality craftsmanship, materials, and appearance!

I take the neat and even interior of the small pouch, which is often rather neglected, as proof of how well made this freebie set is! Love them both!!


Foxy Frangipani said...

I love those bags from Steady too, they are really lovely :)

Happy New Year!

D. said...

Hi Foxy Frangipani,

Aren't they?!? I was so happy I got a hold of them after a frantic search ^.^

Happy New Year to you too, and thank you for reading and commenting!

Mischievous Mack said...

nice! It looks like a really decent gwp!

D. said...

Hi Mischievous Mack!

It really is a surprisingly decent gwp! I truly wish magazines at home give gwp like this too because I subscribe to several...

Happy New Year and thank you for reading and commenting!

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