Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Steady June 2010

Yet another backissue of Steady, this one for June 2010. This is probably my most favorite freebie bag of the moment! You'll see why.

Thanks to Amazon JP again, for providing me with this bag when I was in a frenzy searching for it high and low. Can't miss out on the black and white gingham freebie bag now, can I? :P

I've never heard of the brand Beams, though it seems to be very popular here.

This Beams bag is also made of polyester and is a larger size tote, measuring 20 (height) x 34 (length) x 9.5 (width) cm.

I scored yet another awesomely made bag, let me tell you. Even though the exterior is polyester, it has a satin-like shine and is rather thick. There is 1 pocket outside under the Beams brand logo.

Inside it is completely lined with a button at top for closure, though no interior pockets. And the sewing and stitching throughout the bag is impeccably neat and even. The inside seams are all covered with polyester piping, though no sharp points in corners were left behind as the case of the Paul & Joe Sister bag from the September issue. I'm absolutely thrilled with this one as it is a rare quality find indeed for a magazine freebie.

Here's a picture of a model carrying the bag. As you can see, it's a decently sized tote, let alone so well made and has cute gingham print. Lucky!!!


Citrine said...

Oh, I totally forgot the part that now you can get all those amazing magazine freebies! I am more jealous of you now...

D. said...

well hey Citrine, if you want to come for a visit, I'd take you shopping ^.^ Don Quixote has an entire floor of drugstore makeup at 30% discount price xD

Citrine said...

Hmmm...30% off...Now I need to write down a shopping list for that. Anyway, I think I am more interested in those 100-yen store junk though...I always thought those 5-dollar kitty Japanese kitty plate are a steal then I saw your other blog post...

D. said...

OMG Citrine, you'll LOVE the 100yen stores!! They have the cutest plates, bowls, cups, etc. for absolute steals! I could spend all day in there browsing around! oh i know! i'm gonna sneak in and take pictures to show you...muahahaha...*shifty eyes*

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