Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steady October 2010 (Picture heavy!)

This is another backissue of Steady October 2010 that sold out quickly, thanks to the cute Rebecca Taylor laminated polyester freebie bag in pink lacy print.

I don't know anything about Rebecca Taylor's designs, but I do like the twin cat logo ^.^

As mentioned above, the freebie bag is laminated polyester and measures 17(height) x 25(length) x 10(width) cm. It is pink with pink polyester lining and has many pockets! The bag seems to be well made, but I don't like that the handles feel really flimsy. They're just a piece of thin PVC that's sewn to the bag with just one lousy horizontal line of thread. Yeah, one line of thread. So this bag is obviously not made for regular use and I definitely wouldn't carry anything heavy in it. So I wonder, what are all those pockets for...

The front has a large exterior pocket running the length of the bag.

Check out the one line of thread holding the handles to the bag!

The other side has 2 exterior pockets.

Inside is divided into sort-of 2 compartments, separated by a "floating" pouch with zipper closure. I say "floating" because the pouch is attached to the bag on the 2 sides but not at the bottom, so it just hangs out there ^.^

The middle pouch with the zipper open.

One of the compartment has another large interior pocket running the length of the bag.

The other compartment has 2 interior pockets so basically, the interior pocket arrangement is identical to the exterior arrangement.

Nonetheless, I like this particular issue of the magazine because it has many pages featuring hair cuts, hair dos, and simple makeup techniques, how to apply fake lashes (which I've never tried and probably never will...:P), etc.

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