Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taiyaki Part IV

So hubby and I took my brother and sister to our local Taiyaki stand, only to be terribly disappointed to learn that the delicious Apple Cheese Cream filling has been discontinued as it was available for only a limited time. In its place is Strawberry Cheese Cream filling, since it is strawberry season right now.

Strawberry Cheese Cream filling

The strawberry cheese cream filling was yummy, but not as yummy as apple cheese cream. Oh well...

My brother got Custard Cream Filling, and he loved it. I tried a bite. The custard was too thick and bland for my taste, but it wasn't bad at all! It tasted more like cream cheese filling rather than custard, and I would rather my cream cheese filling be flavored.

Custard Cream Filling

It's really a pity that my brother and sister missed out on the Apple Cheese Cream filling as it's my favorite flavor yet!

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