Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yokohama Chukagai and Shofukumon Part II

Happy 2011!!!

Over the holidays, my brother visited from the states, and my sister visited from Chubu, and of course we went sightseeing all over and took lots of pictures! It will take me a few days (or even a couple of weeks) to post all the adventures hubby and I had with our brother and sister, but I had a head start with the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum post ^.^

Anyway, of course hubby and I had to take my brother and sister on a stroll through Yokohama Chinatown, even if we it was so cold that afternoon and we were all red-nosed and sniffling by dinner time. Here are some pictures of Chukagai at night, mostly taken with my sister's camera with some of mine mixed in.

In front of the main entrance gate.

Looking down the main street.

A pavilion inside Chinatown.

The Mazu Shrine was especially well-decorated and beautifully lit.

And although cameras aren't allow inside the shrine, my sister didn't know and...erhh...snapped one of the shrine's interior anyway :X

For dinner, we took them to Shofukumon for all you can eat dimsum. Of course my brother gets good dimsum in the states too, but my sister doesn't where she is. And plus it's really fun to eat at a buffet with a big group so everyone eagerly agreed with the restaurant choice. I actually took more pictures of the food this time :)

The soup dumplings here (or at most places in Yokohama Chinatown actually) were, in my humble opinion, much much better than those from the so-called "famous" Joe's Shanghai in NYC! I remember how excited I was to finally try these much talked about soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai, after all, it got so many good reviews and even an article from the New York Times. Boy, was I sorely disappointed. The soup inside those dumplings were greasy with drippings from the meat. To be honest, both hubby and I were disgusted. Even my brother wasn't too happy and let me tell you, he's a teenager and much easier to please than we are when it comes to food.

In contrast, the soup dumplings from Shofukumon had clear and light soup inside, and they were absolutely not greasy at all! In addition, even though the dumplings themselves were steaming hot, the soup inside were not scalding, unlike those from Joe's Shanghai that would burn my (and hubby's) lips and tongue if we weren't careful.

This is the shark fin dumpling, which was the highest ticket item on the dimsum menu. We ordered 4 of them because they were so good!

Anyway, we were completely utterly stuffed that night xD

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