Friday, July 22, 2011

Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant Part II

This is probably the only time since last September that I was able to snap a picture of what I ordered from our neighborhood Chinese Restaurant. Don't get me wrong, hubby and I go there quite often, just that every time, we dove in before I could even remember to take a picture and when it did, the food was gone ^.^

Can you tell I'd actually started eating before remembering to take a picture? LOL!

This is my favorite dish, oyako-don, with "oyako" literally means "parents and child" since the dish has chicken and egg in it. In my experience this restaurant makes the best okayo-don, because it's not quite oyako-don ^.^ Instead of throwing in dark meat chicken, they use white breast meat. They also coated and deep fried it first, so it's kind of crunchy. The egg has some peas mixed in too.

So essentially, this dish is chicken katsu-don and not oyako-don, which is actually a surprise discovery for me. Chicken katsu-don is quite rare and difficult to find since almost all the restaurants here serve pork katsu-don. I love katsu-don, I just don't love it with pork and prefer chicken, and everywhere else they serve pork and never chicken. Except for this neighborhood Chinese Restaurant that's about a 10 minutes walk from my apartment. Awesome.

See my previous Neighborhood Chinese Restaurant post.

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