Friday, August 5, 2011

Etude House Moonlight Shimmer Blusher

Using these Etude House Moonlight Shimmer Blusher reminds me that I've been wanting to try a bunch of other Etude House stuff, especially items from the Peach Collection that came out a couple of years ago, of which I've only used the Peach Tint Blusher #01 - Watery Rose. Yes, I know those items have been out a while now and I better get my act together before they're gone for good :(

01 - Pink

02 - Orange

03 - Brown

04 - Highlight
***Pictures from Etude House.

These Moonlight Shimmer Blushers come in a pretty pearly pink compact with princessy details. It is plastic, but it feels solid and isn't cheap looking at all. It comes with a mirror and brush, but I use my own brush anyway. There are 4 colors available, 01 - Pink, 02 - Orange,03 - Brown, and 04 - Highlight. I have Pink, Orange, and Highlight, but I am only reviewing Pink and Orange today as I haven't tried the Highlight yet. I'm staying away from any kind of highlighter for the duration of this humid summer anyway.

And now that I'm using the Pink and Orange, I'm curious about the Brown too. I'm looking for a contouring powder, though if it's anything like the two I'm using, I'm afraid it might turn out to be something along the line of a bronzer instead. The Pink and Orange both have shimmers in it, very fine shimmers that barely show up in the picture I must add, but shimmers nonetheless. Either way, I can't find these Moonlight Shimmer Blushers online anywhere anymore. Oh well, I'm glad I have the Pink, Orange, and the Highlight colors.

01 - Pink: Swirling the whole thing together would give me a very pretty dewey pink glow, not glittery at all as the shimmers are fine. If I want more color, or if it's too humid for the dewey effect, I skip the top highlighting color and use only the bottom 2 bars. Unlike most other cheek gradations that go from matte to shimmer with the lightest color being shimmery, this blush is uniformly shimmery in all 3 color bars. That means skipping the top highlighting color still gives me the glow I want, minus the melty haze that is the inevitable end result of the dewey effect in the trying test of heat and humidity. In drier time, of course, the dewey effect is very nice because it provides dimension and softens the look. Right now though? Eeps, spare me!

- Top: the highlighter color, pale powder pink.
- Middle: a neutral pink.
- Bottom: a carnation pink.

02 - Orange: I found this color a bit trickier to use than the pink above. It's best for me in the summer or fall, because I find this particular orange turns my face a bit ashy earlier in the spring. It is very warm, perhaps too warm for me even (and here I thought I'm pretty warm!), and although it does turn a tad coral on my cheek it still retains that yellow undertone. Even then, as I'm using this right now I still find myself looking a bit off and sickly when it's gray and cloudy outside, or under certain light, particularly the white light with greenish tint, though I should add that these types of lighting will probably make most people look off and sickly and not just me with this blush on LOL ^.^ Again I'm not using the top color right now to skip the dewey effect. If your skin tone is warmer than mine, or if you just got some sun, this will probably make a beautiful blush for you, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend it for more neutral or cooler toned gals.

- Top: highlighter color, a yellowy cream.
- Middle: pale peach with yellow undertone.
- Bottom: a bright tangerine, also with yellow undertone.


thupham2 said...

Wow, such pretty highlighter - I Must have it now lol. Could you tell me where you bought this? I can't find it on Ebay at all! Thank you for your review BTW!

D. said...

Hi thupham2,

You are very welcome! Thank you for reading :)

I bought these more than a year ago and I did try to look for them again on Ebay recently without any luck. I haven't tried Gmarket though, may be you should take a look!

Good luck! Let me know if you found it, as I might buy myself a backup too ^.^

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