Thursday, September 1, 2011


Before my sister left Japan, we took her to Nabezo for a delicious fulfilling meal before heading home (and unlikely to get these kinds of food for a long time). Nabezo is an all you can eat hotpot restaurant, and not only it's delicious, it's also a ridiculously good deal - can't beat that combo, can we? I really recommend this place if you have a big party you would like to feed without breaking anyone's bank. You can bet that everyone will leave the place satisfied and stuffed silly.

Our mix hotpot with Sukiyaki (right) and Soy Milk Collagen broth (left), they literally gave us a bowl of collagen to mix in with the soy milk! It was a harmoniously delicious mix (corny, I know) :P
For only 2,000-2,200yen/person, you can have all you can eat hotpot, yes, unlimited meat and vegetables, eat as much as you want! The 2,000yen/person is for only 1 type of soup stock, or for 2,200yen you get to pick 2 types of broth, you know, for some variety. After all, they offer 5 different types of broth:
- Shabushabu, broth of kombu dashi, a type of fish stock with kelp
- Sukiyaki, broth of soy sauce, sugar, and sake
- Shio Tonkotsu, broth of salt and pork bone, read more about this broth in Wikipedia's ramen page. This is definitely a much heartier (and heavier!) broth.
- Spicy kimchi broth, self explanatory
- Tonyu Collagen, yes, soy milk and collagen. It sounds weird, but is actually quite tasty! I never knew you could use unsweetened soy milk as soup base ^.^ Perhaps I should try making a soy milk soup at home!

The super fresh vegetables, green leafy, a few different types of mushrooms, noodles, etc., all available at an open bar where you just go pick up as much as you want. As for the meat, just order when you want more. The eggs are also unlimited, which is very nice because I can't have sukiyaki without an egg or two. Rice is extra, I believe, but if I were you, I'd fill up on the vegetables instead!

This is what I wore for the night.
- Neck scarf: Express
- Shirt: Express
- Camisole: Aeropostale
- Belt: JCrew
- Bag: Nine West
- Shorts: Express
- Tights: Uniqlo

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