Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taiyaki Part VII

More taiyaki for you with 3 different flavors!!! ^.^

First up is Mango Custard.

Very yummy, although I'm not too thrilled about the artificial mango flavor but it was very good nonetheless.

This is a cold taiyaki - Ice Cafe Latte ^.^ Normally I'm not too fond of these cold taiyaki since they can be a bit sweet, with the exception of the recent Green Tea one, but I love anything coffee flavored, so I couldn't skip this.

I got lucky again with this Ice Cafe Latte being perfectly balanced and not too sweet at all. The white crust is not frosting but rather yogurt, so it's creamy and not sweet. I especially love the coffee cream inside. It tasted like a light custard, the coffee flavor is not overly strong. I wish they'd make more cakes with custard like this!!!

Last one is Blueberry Cheese Cream, which tasted more like blueberry yogurt. I think I still like the Apple Cheese Cream the best. For some reason the apple chunks just goes perfectly with the cheese cream. The second best I would say is the Ice Cafe Latte above ^.^


Anonymous said...

mmmm, looks so good.

i've seen these desserts in pics but never knew what they were called. LOL. how does the crust part taste like? does it taste like an eclair (not so sweet, tad crunchy outside and soft inside?).

i learn so much for ur blog, D....u r so detailed in all your posts.


D. said...

Hi d.,

For the hot taiyaki, the crust is like a waffle, and they come off the grill fluffy and crispy and the cheese cream/custard inside just melts in your mouth. The cold ones have more of a cake-y crust to prevent from getting soggy, so I like the hot crust much better. If you ever run across these you should definitely give them a try!

I'm glad you like my posts ^.^ Thanks so much for reading!


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