Monday, January 10, 2011

Taiyaki Part V

On with my Taiyaki saga ^.^

During our holidays with my brother and sister's visit, we all went to Kamakura, and old capital of Japan with many many famous historical sites, shrines, and temples.

A small clock tower on the east side of the Kamakura station.

...And there's the most awesomest taiyaki stand right outside of the Kamakura Station that makes bite-sized taiyaki in 8 different filling flavors! That's right, not 1, 2, or 3 - 8!!! Because the taiyaki is itty bitty, they are sold in multiples and you can pick and choose and mix all the flavors you want! The taiyaki are so small, you literally don't get enough of them, especially when they come in so many flavors ^.^

Look how tiny this taiyaki is!

Custard cream filling

Brown sugar cream filling - this one is my absolute favorite! Delicious!

Regular anko filling

Green tea cream filling

Chocolate cream filling

And plain, as in with no filling!

There were 3 other flavors (because plain doesn't count as a flavor haha!) too that were all eaten before I could take a picture of, and they are Strawberry Cream filling, Purple Yam filling, and Black Sesame filling. All of us loved these mini taiyaki so much we got a bag to eat when we arrived and another bag to eat when we left. Man, these were delicious and so fun to eat because you have no clue which flavor you get until you bite into it. Life's like a box of chocolate...or in the Japanese sense, a box of mini taiyaki ^.^

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