Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pizza Pizza Part IV

I have mentioned previously that hubby and I were not ready to embark on the culinary adventurous side of Japanese pizza. Well, in the past few weeks our caveman lifestyle drove us to desperation and we finally began to venture into unknown pizza territory - the crazy combination pizzas. They're not the "normal" combination pizza per se, you know, with everything in it. More like 4 quarters of totally different pizzas put together to make one pie, like the Frankenstein of pizzas ^.^

We order exclusively from Pizza Hut now, because they're the best out of all the other blah options. Also, I just can't get enough of their Super Korean Bulgogi. So good. I didn't think Korean food on a pizza would be edible, but hey, I gobble it all up every time! So far, we have had 4 different combo pizzas. The Medium comes with 2 slices of each kind, and the Large comes with 3 (those prices aren't even the most expensive, by the way, that honor belongs to Dominos). Some of the pie was surprisingly good, some not so great, but overall we're glad we've tried them. 

The first one we ordered was the Family 4, which is a combination of my favorite Super Korean Bulgogi (beef, onion, mayo, and paprika shavings), hubby's favorite Deluxe (pepperoni, ham, green pepper, onion), Cheese & Cheese (tomato, onion, basil), and Tuna Mild (tuna, mayo, ham, corn, onion). Yes, you read that right, Tuna Mild pizza with corn in it. What did it taste like? A tuna melt, only on a pizza. Very extremely weird. 

The Family 4. Clockwise from top right: Deluxe, Tuna Mild, Super Korean Bulgogi, and Cheese & Cheese. The Cheese & Cheese was okay but not my favorite. But the Tuna Mild? I actually hate tuna melts, so this one didn't fly with me at all. Yuck.

The next one we tried was Friends 4, which is a combination of Mayo Q (nori, mayo, corn, barbecue chicken, mushroom, onion), Super Korean Bulgogi, Idaho Special (parsley, mayo, corn, potato, ham, onion), and Shrimp & Bacon (shrimp, ham, corn, mayo). Mayo Q was great. It sounds strange to have potatoes on your pizza but the Idaho Special was surprisingly good also. Bacon & Shrimp was decent. It says bacon, but it was actually ham. I didn't get a picture of it because, well, we beat my camera to it ^.^

Then we moved on to Mix 4, which includes Beef Potato Mayo (potatoes, corn, bulgogi, mayo), Basil Tomato (sausage, onion, tomatoes), Teriyaki Tuna Mayo (teriyaki sauce, tuna, mayo, corn, ham), and Shrimp & Bacon (shrimp, ham). The Beef Potato Mayo was yummy. The Basil Tomato we had before so it wasn't anything new. Teriyaki Tuna Mayo was a bit strange, think tuna melt with teriyaki sauce, but it wasn't as strange as the Tuna Mild, believe it or not. Didn't get a picture of this either.

The Yokubari (Greedy) 4 is Pizza Hut's newest invention, and so we just had to try ^.^ The Yokubari 4 has Super Korean Bulgogi (pretty much anything with Super Korean Bulgogi will sell for me), Torokeru (Melty) Camembert (camembert cheese, camembert sauce, ham), Potato Mayo Sausage (potato, mayo, ham, sausage, basil), and Cheese & Cheese. And yes, camembert on a pizza was pretty weird too. And although it didn't taste half bad, it was too rich for me. Hubby liked it though!

And the pizza comes with a hotdog-stuff crust. Talk about crazy. We found a promotion for a large pizza with 2 packs of spicy wings ^.^ After trying all those different pizzas, Super Korean Bulgogi still wins hands down :P The hotdog in the crust made the pizza quite filling and it was dinner and lunch for both of us!

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milktea said...

I'm from Malaysia. You will not believe how incredibly wonderful your pizza descriptions sound! :)

D. said...

Hi milktea,

You sound very openminded and adventurous when it comes to food because I honestly know people who would recoil at the sight of these pizzas ^.^ It took hubby and I almost 2 years to work up the nerve to try them ourselves!!!


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