Saturday, September 1, 2012

More desserts at Denny's Part VI

Perhaps I should retitle this post as "No more desserts at Denny's," now that I'm back home and have no interest whatsoever in visiting an American Denny's. Ever. T.T

For our last night in Japan, hubby and I spent the whole cleaning up the last bit of things around the house, running the last errands, finalizing our packing, etc. By the time it got dark, we were too exhausted for a "finale" Japanese dinner, so off to the neighborhood Denny's we went. It was a nice meal. Nothing special, but definitely comforting. Denny's was one of the first few places we ate at when we first moved to Japan (it's right in the neighborhood, after all), and it was also the last. Good times. Good times.

Their menu changed just a bit. I was hoping they'd bring back the delicious kimchee omurice introduced last summer, which I greedily inhaled it in a blink of an eye, but they didn't. Shucks. Hubby ordered a new menu item, hamburger (meat loaf) topped with a fried shrimp. He also got a rice and miso soup set to go with his entree.

N. joined us for dinner too, and she also ordered a hamburger (meat loaf) entree.

I stuck with my old favorite, the cold Korean style noodles with kimchee with the mini beef calbi don set. Not a hamburger fan, meat loaf or otherwise. Hubby didn't have desserts, but N. and I sure did. Of course I wouldn't miss my Denny's fruit parfait for the world, let alone the fact that we were moving home the next day! This seasonal parfait has fresh peaches as well as peach jelly. Yum!

N.'s dessert is a pancake wrapped in anko. It looked yummy, but I bet it was sweet as hell. It was anko after all. Contrary to what you may think, my parfait wasn't sweet at all. It was fresh peaches, a milk pudding, 2 small scoops of raspberry sorbet, which was more tart than sweet, peach jelly, yogurt, and unsweetened corn flakes. Damn, I miss it T.T

Snapped this picture of the downtown Minato Mirai skyline as we crossed the Yokohama Bay Bridge on our way to Narita. さようなら日本!元気でね T.T まった合うよ!

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