Monday, May 20, 2013

Kiss Mix Heart Cheeks Part II

Spotted this 05 Strawberry Pink, the newest addition to the Kiss Mix Heart Cheeks family and snapped it up along with the Mix Moon Highlights (will review soon).

Mix Heart Cheeks in 05 Strawberry Pink. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Like the rest of the Mix Heart Cheeks in the line, this one is also unscented with very soft and silky texture, especially the highlighter, which is buttery to the touch. The highlighter is softly shimmery, almost pearly, while the cheek color is matte, and they mix together for a pearly satiny result. 

My biggest complaint with the last 4 colors, okay, it wasn't much of a complaint on my part but I still think it was a shortcoming, was that the highlighter is more pigmented, as in opaque but not frosty, than the actual blush itself. It seems the people at Kiss have been paying attention, and the cheek color in this 05 Strawberry Pink is wonderfully pigmented, at least for a Japanese blush, which tends to be on the sheer side. Check out the swatches! 

- 05 Strawberry Pink: the highlighter is a shimmery pale shell pink, and the blush is a matte pinky poinsettia red! They mix together for a very pretty pearly satiny petal pink, and of course you can build up the intensity by swiping more of the blush than the highlighter. Love it!

See my previous Kiss Mix Heart Cheeks post.

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