Sunday, June 8, 2014

Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Toner

Last June, Sasa HK had a nice promo for a Suisse Programme Caviar Deluxe GWP, and so I was tempted into trying out a pair of Cellular Cleansing Milk and Cellular Revitalizing Toner, with each full size bottle having 200mL/6.76fl oz. of product. There are several different skincare lines from Suisse Programme, but I chose Cellular because it looks like the most basic line, and I didn't want to pay a pretty penny just to flirt with a new brand.

Suisse Programme is an Asian brand. And although all the product I have say made in Switzerland but they're available exclusively in Asia, particularly Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. I didn't see it in Japan when I was there, but I might have just missed it.

Anyway, the GWP was pretty decent, and it included Caviar Lifting Cream 7mL/0.25fl oz., Caviar Lifting Serum 7mL/0.25fl oz., Caviar Repair Eye Complex 7mL/0.25fl oz., Platinum Refining Milk Cleanser 30mL/1fl oz., and Platinum Revitalizing Tonic Lotion 30mL/1fl oz. So far, I've only tried the full size Cellular Revitalizing Toner I bought.

My first impression is that the bottle is pretty oddly shaped, a flat oval like one of those alcohol flask, which makes it hard to store. Perhaps it's too soon for me to make a decision because I haven't tried Cleansing Milk or the other samples I got from the GWP yet, but I think I won't be buying any more Suisse Program products. It's just way too heavily scented, as bad as if not worse than Lancome skincare products. The fragrance is your typical Asian aunty perfume, and golly gee I was splashing it all over my face every morning. One empty bottle of toner later, I smell aunty wherever I go and I swear I won't do that to myself again.

Other than the fact that it's so heavily perfumed, it's not a bad toner. It's not a great toner either though, and it didn't do anything special other than provide some cleansing and exfoliating action as I soak a facial cloth with it to wipe my face. So no, it's definitely not worth the $70-something price tag. No, I didn't pay that price - are you freankin' kidding me?!? How this highway robbery is legal is beyond me! I would pay $15 for this toner at most, and that's if I would buy it again, and I would not. And since I do fork over my hard-earned money for the skincare/cosmetic products I buy, it's quite OK to demand better stuff.

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