Thursday, October 9, 2014

Coffret D'Or Juicy Memory JM Rouge

These Coffret D'Or Juicy Memory JM Rouge were cart fillers from an order earlier this summer. Like the AA Aqua Rouge, these have been discontinued. And honestly, who the heck named these? Juicy Memory? Erhh..., what? I think I'd tell that person to keep their juicy memories to themselves.

I have 3 colors, OR-103, PK-244, and RD-181. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The packaging is very similar to the AA Aqua Rouge, only the tubes are slimmer and longer, and they fit better in my hands and my makeup pouch! Otherwise, it closes tightly and securely, though without a click. These JM Rouge are unscented. The formula is slightly thicker than AA Aqua Rouge, which I actually prefer. The finish is more satiny than glossy, especially the color OR-103. Pigmentation wise, these are definitely much sheerer, particularly PK-244 which pretty much disappears on my lips.

- OR-103: not orange at all but a pretty peachy color. Has super fine shimmers that don't show up at all, giving the color a satiny finish.

- PK-244: despite appearing a bright coral in the tube, it applies a sheer warm fleshy pink and pretty much disappears on my lips. It does have white shimmers that give the lipstick a pretty sheen, otherwise even I couldn't tell I'm wearing much on my lips, just that they feel nice and moisturized ^.^'

- RD-181: a pretty reddish rose that's the most pigmented out of the 3 colors I have. It also has shimmers that don't show so much once on.

From left to right: OR-103, PK-244, and RD-181. Swatches are layered twice.

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