Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss & Lip Gloss Duo

These Paul & Joe Eye Gloss & Lip Gloss Duo were also a part of my summer purchase. I've read good things about Paul & Joe Eye Glosses and am totally curious but been stayed away. I have very oily lids that are difficult when it comes to liquid eye colors, so I didn't want to spend $34 for a pair of lip gloss and liquid sheer lid wash that will crease within half an hour. But then of course ASOS ran an excellent promotion during the summer and I bought these for $15 each minus an extra 20%, so $12 a piece! Hell, sure, I'll try them now :P

These came out summer of 2013 and there were 5 colors available. I only bought 4 colors, 002 Nice, 003 Monaco, 004 Maui, and 005 Bahamas. The color I didn't get was 001 Santa Monica because it's a pair of beige pink eye gloss and mauvey rose lip gloss, and I wasn't sure whether the beige pink will turn red on my lids (yes, I have that problem too...).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I guess the immediate benefit of these duos is that they're super convenient. Both the eye and lip colors are formulated such that they're easy and effortless, and a fingertip is all you need to apply them (well, and may be a mirror). You pop one into your bag and take it to go, and when you feel like dressing up a bare face a bit, you swipe one end onto your lids and the other end onto your lips. Now that I think about it, these are very aptly named with vacation destinations because they'd be great to take on a vacation!

That said, if you're looking for some color, I think you'll be sorely disappointed. These eye glosses are meant to be translucent sparkling washes, and the lip glosses sheer. The eye glosses in 003 Monaco and 004 Maui may look like they have some color, but after blending they'd still sheer out to a sparkling wash. As for the lip glosses, the hot pink in 002 Nice and the orange 04 Maui are the only ones with some opacity and show up on my lips. The other 2 glosses are pretty much clear.

From left to right: 002 Nice, 003 Monaco, 004 Maui, and 005 Bahamas.

The eye glosses all have super sparkly finishes. Texture wise, they're not watery or runny but are still pretty thin and thus dries quickly. I have only tried these while working at home, on bare lids without any sunscreen. To my surprise they stayed on my oily lids pretty well and didn't crease until a good few hours later. I'm not celebrating yet though, as they may crease faster with sunscreen. We'll see. I'll update if that's the case.

None of the lip glosses have shimmers, which I very much appreciate. They're also very thick and may be sticky for some, but I think they're not bad at all and nowhere as tacky as Stila Lip Glazes. They soften up my lips after a few minutes of wear, so they're somewhat moisturizing and not drying. I think they're also very faintly scented, and upon application I don't notice the scent anymore.

- 002 Nice: a sparkly lavender eye gloss paired with a hot pink lip gloss. The lavender is very pretty. It has very fine gold shimmers that give a golden pearly sheen on top of a lavender wash. The lip gloss looks opaque but it's not and will adapt to my natural lip color, giving my lips a fresh and juicy pink.

- 003 Monaco: a subtle pairing of sparkly golden beige eye gloss and pretty much clear lip gloss. In my opinion, this is the friendliest duo, super wearable and easy. The golden beige eye gloss may look darker in the swatch picture, but after blending it matches my skin color exactly, leaving behind beautiful sparkling wash.

- 004 Maui: a gorgeous sparkly yellow gold eye gloss paired with a bright yellowy orange, a very summery duo but I'm tempted to wear them out in November nonetheless :P I'm disappointed with the orange lip gloss though. It swatched really pretty but it goes on both opaque and milky, turning a more candied orange on my lips before settling into lines and cracks and magnify them :(

- 005 Bahamas: a sparkly white eye gloss and pretty much clear lip gloss. I guess I should have gone for the 001 Santa Monica and skip this one instead. Oh well.

From left to right: 002 Nice, 003 Monaco, 004 Maui, and 005 Bahamas.


kuri said...

They look fun! Too bad the glosses are not so pigmented, but definitely great for summer outings.

D. said...

Yeah, I really could have done without 005 Bahamas, because I don't really care for the white eye gloss, and the lip gloss is sheer anyway. That combo was pretty much meh. Good thing I didn't pay full price for it.


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