Monday, September 7, 2015

Lunasol Ahkah Collection Shiny Eyes

So what I really wanted was the Lunasol Ahkah Collection Eyes before the thought of "limited edition" got to me. I ended up buying the Shiny Eyes also, in both colors EX01 Beige Gold and EX02 Pink Silver.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The packaging is really pretty, all are metallic pink with shadow clouds and gold etching. However, my thought when I first received them was, wow, these are tiny! Because they are. They're pretty much an eye shadow single. That said, the benefit of being small is that I can pack them on a vacation. I would even say their intended use is to swipe and go, which leads me right into the subject of their colors. 

Despite the different color stripes, they're meant to be blended together and applied as an allover lid wash. This means these aren't medium crease colors but lighter, somewhat translucent ones meant for the lids. If you already have too many lid colors, I'd say these are safe to skip. The colors are for every day use and aren't really that different or special. I have been able to wear each of the stripes by itself, picking it up using the side of the Koyudo Medium Eye brush (I love that brush, will review soon), but the individual colors are still light nonetheless.

Do I regret these? Nope. Because this whole Ahkah Collection has that drool-worthy buttery texture I that turned me into Lunasol fan to begin with! Their pigmentation is very decent. The swatches look sheer because I had used my pinky and it was difficult to get each color individually. I hate sponge-tip applicators so I never swatch with them ^.^

- EX01 Beige Gold: This is my favorite out of the two, surprise, surprise. These stripes blend together to become a pretty metallic and sparkling golden beige. A perfect lid color, really. Add in black liners and I've got a classic and understated look. Love!

- Champagne, high shimmer, very sheer.
- Nude beige, metallic, medium intensity. I've worn this color alone below my crease, and it totally worked!
- Beige, metallic, low intensity. Ditto . In fact, I like this color by itself better than the nude beige above.

- EX02 Pink Silver: the only reason I like this one less is that the colors aren't metallic. But otherwise, these stripes blend together to become a shimmery petal pink with silver sparkles. And yes, add liners and the result is feminine but, again, in an understated way.

- True silver, high shimmer, low intensity. More pigmented than the sparkly champagne above.
- Medium pink, shimmer, medium intensity. A cooler color that I've worn by itself under the crease also. Very nice!
- Peachy pink, shimmer, low intensity. This is my favorite among these 3 colors. It makes a gorgeous standalone lid wash.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting and so is your personality.
It seems like you are a collector of things like those Eyeshadow Cubes from the Body Shop.
How do you store all your stuff when you live all over the world is what I am thinking when you have so much makeup?

D. said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't know if I'm interesting, and I wish I've lived all over the world, but thank you for reading my blog and commenting ^.^

For the longest time I stored all my cosmetics in plastic storage cubes and keep out only what I use. Because while I know what I wanted, finding the right one was difficult. Then last fall my SIL basically gave me a perfect cosmetic storage chest. I wrote about it here -

Being away from home again, I only brought what I love most and left everything else home inside the chest. I do miss them although I'm constantly getting distracted with all the pretties here in Tokyo :)


Citrine said...

Ahhhh, I love the packaging! It's just that all the lunasol x ahkah are really hiked in places I could find. I like those singles as well because I usually use the liner shade in each palette very sparilinly. But palette are more no-brained so I will just focus on those. Right now I am plotting to collect a few more of the suqqu core (that are uk exclusive now).

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Yeah, the packaging was definitely part of why I was sold.

Which Suqqu core are you lemming?


Citrine said...

Right now it's just sakurakaba (rosy brown) and kakitsubata (because I like the navy liner) then I will be set with my wardrobe of boring neutral...I am not sure if it's the brush or weather, now everytime I use lunasol pink beige collection (I use that a lot) the small amount of flyout always lands inside my eyeball and get me all teary. My friend has sakurakaba and she likes it a lot so I think I could use another rosy-brown-beige palette.

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Oh, those colors are pretty!

I still can't get over that price tag for the quads though, especially when I'm really getting 3 colors at most. I'm lemming the quints, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll come out with something similar to the octet Murasakisuishou. I'd definitely buy that!


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