Monday, April 18, 2016

Kokutousei Moisturizing Lotion

Bought this Kokutousei Moisturizing Lotion Set on a whim because it came with a 180mL and a 130mL refill pouch. I know, crazy, right? Especially when I hadn't seen this new brand under Kose Cosmeport before. But it looked interesting so I was game to try it.

Basically, this is a lotion (toner) with fermented brown sugar extract, which was probably what got me--I love brown sugar anything, in my sweets, as a skin scrub, and now on my face too! Because why not? ^.^

It's nothing impressive and feels like any other lotion, but it's actually not bad either. It's unscented which I appreciate, and it's adequately moisturizing both on my face and neck. I've tried it on my body as well and it's fine there too. I was thinking, hmm, could brown sugar on my skin be sticky? But nope, not sticky at all! It's light and feels like water going on, and it absorbs like water as well, leaving no traces of itself behind.

In conclusion, glad I tried this but I probably won't repurchase. By the time I use up both the bottle and the refill pouch, I'd probably be sick of it and ready to move on. I have no brand or product loyalty, I know.

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