Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Taipei Tianhou Temple (臺北天后宮)

As J., hubby, and I were leaving Fong Da Coffee (蜂大咖啡), we spotted an interesting sight right across the street: Taipei Tianhou Temple (臺北天后宮), she of the many names, one of which you'll probably recognize: Mazu (媽祖).

Much like Taiwan City God Temple (臺灣城皇廟), what really drew our attention was the neat sight of the temple snuggling in between two neighborhood buildings. 

And like the City God Temple, the Tianhou Temple too was a massive sensory overload, numerous red lanterns, gold altar, rows upon rows of red electric candles with flickering golden flames, not to mention the thick cloud of incense. 

There was even a koi pond in the small front courtyard, with statues of a dragon, elephant, and a crane. There must be a significance for these animals, I'm just ignorant of it.

Raise the red lanterns.

Look at all that gold!

These candles are electric.

More gold altar.

Interesting latticed ceiling.

Intricate carvings on the ceiling beams.

Even more gold altars.

The two door guards at the entrance of the temple. I believe they are Qianliyan (千里眼) and Shunfeng'er (順風耳), demons whom Mazu defeated, befriended, and retained as guardian generals.

Interesting carvings outside the entrance also, but again I'm ignorant to their significance.


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