Saturday, October 14, 2017

Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel

Hubby has always favored gels and gel-creams and wouldn't touch anything heavier. He has well-behaved normal skin, so it makes sense. In the past couple of years though, he's also taken an interest in all the skincare layers on my face but can't be bothered with more than one product. That's where the all-in-one stuff comes in ^.^

He's used and liked a few so far, Grace One Perfect Gel Cream, Kokutousei Hakkou E Gel Cream Hydrating Elastic Gel, and for a while he was sharing Hada-Labo Shirojyun Hyaluron Clear Essence Jelly with me until we both agreed it was too moisturizing for the summer. Since then, he's moved on to this 90g jar of Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel.

This is a 5-in-1 gel that's supposed to be a lotion, serum, milk, cream, and pack. For a gel it's a tad more viscous than expected, and it goes on with a slight stickiness that goes away pretty quickly. It's scented with a rose fragrance mild enough for hubby to bear with.

I've tried it a few times now, just by itself on bare skin. I wanted to see if it really does replace all the layers of different products. Interesting enough, it's probably the best all-in-one gel I've tried thus far! As in it keeps my skin moist and comfortable for more than half a day, and only in the early evening does my face start to get a bit oily. That's pretty impressive considering my dry-combo skin and the dry weather where I live! Hubby gives it a thumbs-up also, and he too agrees it's the best one he's tried so far. The next time we travel to a hot and humid place (if we ever get to travel ever again with a little baby...), I know which face gel to pack for us both.


kuri said...

gosh, I need to get this!

D. said...

Hi Claire,

Do you like all-in-1 gels or gel-creams too? I guess those are super easy and you can just slap some on and go.


kuri said...

Right now I hardly have time to moisturize so something simple like this is ideal!

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