Friday, March 23, 2018

Etvos Mineral UV Powder SPF50 PA++++

This 5g jar of Etvos Mineral UV Powder SPF50 PA++++ is the last of my recent sunscreen powder acquisitions along with Heim UV Mineral Powder and Koh Gen Do UV Face Powder. After a several jars of Panna Kiss Powder, Higasunne UV Cut Face Powder (no longer available and I just finished my last jar too, boo, hiss), Privacy UV Face Powder, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to finish the gigantic jar of Beauty Protector Finishing Powder, I simply got bored and wanted to try something new.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

It seems every year, Etvos releases a Mineral UV series in the spring with limited edition packaging. My jar is from last year's series, with packaging that reminds me of Pucci prints. Whereas I think this year's packaging is less attractive. Anyway, I bought mine via Rakuten JP last summer for 2,800yen plus tax, so again a bit pricey, but I think it's worth every yen.

Turns out between Koh Gen Do and Heim, this is my favorite powder! Like the other two, it's very lightweight and unscented. Unlike the other two, it's the most translucent. The thing is, there's something about it that gives me a soft focus glow and no, there is *not* any shimmer in this powder. May be it just works really well with the Nivea Sun Protect Plus UV Waterproof UV Milk I'm currently using, or may be it just works really well with my combination-dry skin, who knows! I only know I love it, although I'm not going to start hoarding just yet and will wait to see next year's release. In the meantime, I did pick up three Mineral Sheer Rouge. There's a Mineral Rouge line that's supposed to be pigmented, but I prefer the sheer line instead ^.^" I figured I gave Heim lippies a chance and therefore should give these Etvos lippies a try also. Got to be fair, right?

You can actually tell this powder is more translucent than Heim and Koh Gen Do! Will definitely repurchase.

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