Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Privacy UV Face Powder 50 SPF50+ PA++++

Another translucent loose powder with superb sun protection in the form of Privacy UV Face Powder 50 SPF50+ PA++++. Privacy is a sub brand under the lesser known Kokuryudo Cosme. I believe this is the very first item I've tried from them, and you know what, I LOVE it!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Hands down this is the best translucent loose powder ever. Being unscented is a given, it's also super duper light and once it's on, it's invisible. It leaves a very natural dewy matte finish, and being translucent I don't see it at all. I don't feel it either, and as a result I forget I even applied it. 

Despite the unknown concentrations, I'm actually more confident with the sun protection in this powder. Behold the muscle ingredients: zinc oxide (酸化亜鉛), octinoxate (メトキシケイヒ酸エチルヘキシル), Uvinul A+ (ジエチルアミノヒドロキシベンゾイル安息香酸ヘキシル), Tinosorb M (メチレンビスベンゾトリアゾリルテトラメチルブチルフェノール). Talk about serious physical sunblock, especially the UVA protection! Woohoo!!!

And you know what's the best part of this powder? It's very affordable, containing 3.5g retailing for 1,200JPY, about $10 with the current exchange rate! If you have access to Rakuten JP, you can definitely find it for cheaper, from 850-1,100JPY. Or as a last resort, you can get it from E(vil)bay for $19 with free shipping directly from Japan. I've paid twice that amount for regular ol' loose powders without any SPF, and even then they weren't that great, so this Privacy one is a rare gem! In fact, I love it so much I bought multiples for my mum and sister too!

Don't worry. Despite appearing light and pasty it's translucent and disappears completely on my skin.


kuri said...

Awesome! I am definitely looking for this product. Tinsorb M!

D. said...

Hi kuri,

I cannot recommend this powder enough, at least as added protection on top of my sunscreen, and an invisible layer of powder for the face. And it's cheap! Three birds with one stone, scored!!!


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