Saturday, September 15, 2018

Cosme Decorte AQMW Rouge Glow

After the Cosme Decorte AQMW Makeup Coffret VI, I picked up several more of the Rouge Glows in the colors OR250 Be Together, PK850 First Love, RD450 Heartfelt Letter, RD457 Alluring Kiss, and RO654 Lady Glam. I picked these colors based on swatches--still haven't learned my lesson, nope--so I did realize these could be hit or miss.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I like the white LE tube from the makeup coffret better, but these black ones are nice too. I do wish they were smaller, but hey they're better looking than the chunky square Suqqu tubes. One minor annoyance is that they roll, but all round lipstick tubes roll so I'm really splitting hair at this point.

They feel nice in my hand!

Here's a comparison between these AQMW Rouge Glow tubes versus others from Lunasol, Chicca, Suqqu, and Addiction. See how that Suqqu tube (doesn't) compare? Addiction still the champion of the fugly.

The formula is consistent with the LE PK861 Yours Forever from the coffret, a thicker formula that's buttery soft, moisturizing, and leaves a glossy finish. However, the swatches were hit-and-miss as expected. Seriously, where does one get some decent lippies swatches these days? Anyway, three of five colors have excellent pigmentation level, a bit too pigmented for me even, so I think I might just stop here with these five.

- OR250 Be Together: not orange but peach, shimmer free but with a white base, so it does show up milky. Urgh. Interestingly (thankfully?) enough, this color applies a peach-nude on my lips so it's still wearable, though I wouldn't have bought it had I seen a more accurate swatch.

- PK850 First Love: a warm pink that applies much paler than it appears in the tube. Again, it's shimmer free but has a slight white base and does show up somewhat milky. Despite the pale swatch on the back of my hands, this color turns even warmer on my lips and is wearable even with the white base and milkiness. With this on, I look as if I'm wearing pink-tinted lip balm so I like it better than OR250 above, but in the end I think I still wouldn't have bought it had I seen a more accurate swatch.

- RD450 Heartfelt Letter: A bright, shimmer free, and semi-translucent coral-red. Much more pigmented on my lips than on the back of my hand. Gorgeous!

- RD457 Alluring Kiss: another shimmer free and semi-translucent color, a deep red with slight brown tint that's more apparent on my lips than on the back of my hand, probably because there's more yellow on my face. Now that I think about it, it actually applies true to the color of the bullet. Very pretty and very pigmented, as two swipes will give me full coverage. Woah!

- RO654 Lady Glam: a semi-translucent red wine with micro shimmers that give a violet sheen. I know it swatched a magenta on the back of my hand but on my lips it's much darker and true to the color of the bullet. Again, this lippie is very pigmented and two swipes give me full coverage. Beautiful!

From left to right: OR250 Be Together, PK850 First Love, RD450 Heartfelt Letter, RD457 Alluring Kiss, and RO654 Lady Glam.


Citrine said...

I accidentally got a similar lipstick as or250 as well (oh wait mine is also called or250, it must
be the exact same thing in the revamped decorte line). I wanted a burnt rose that's RO-650 and they either didnt have it at the counter (or associate made a mistake)...I found out they grabbed me the wrong shade a week a later (I am too lazy to return). It wasn't bad but I dont need another milky coral...The formula wasnt bad but I already had suqqu momosuishou (i almost finished it as balm but dont really want another one).

The older aqmw packaging is still way better than the current gold dipped matte black...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Yeah, I might pick up a few colors from the revamp line for science(ha), but will stay away from similarly named colors because I do think they're the same. Yup, dislike the revamped packaging for sure though.


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