Sunday, September 16, 2018

Maquillage Dramatic Rouge Part VI

Yep, I'm still at it with Maquillage Dramatic Melting Rouge, exploring color after color in search of gems like the first four I bought. This time, I picked up PK346 Spicy Pink, RD742 Gentle Red, and RS329 Rose Rendezvous.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

And it seems the first four I bought are indeed gems, because it's damn hard to find something else I like as much. This batch is slightly better than the last in that I didn't end up with three different lipsticks but near identical colors =.= However, in the end they're still meh, all colors I wouldn't pick up had I seen them in person, or at least see a decent swatch online. They're all semi-opaque too, so I don't reach for them all that often either.

- PK346 Spicy Pink: I picked spicy pink because from the online swatches it looked coral. It turned out to be more of a warm petal pink. On my lips it's a touch brighter than the swatch, although still not warm enough to warrant the "spicy" in my opinion ^.^

- RD742 Gentle Red: is anything but red, more like a beige with red undertone, totally my-lips-but-better. It's nice but not a must-have.

- RS329 Rose Rendezvous: cool-toned, medium rose. Again, nice but not a must-have.

PK346 Spicy Pink, RD742 Gentle Red, and RS329 Rose Rendezvous.

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Julia said...

It's such a shame that you're having trouble picking new colors you like. Maybe I should go out and do some swatches?

D. said...

Julia, omg omg omg you would get some swatches for me??? I would be SO grateful!!!


Julia said...

I can certainly try, but drug stores are so crowded these days, and the staff might be eyeing my foreign face suspiciously, so don't get your hope up.

Btw, I'm slowly reading through your stuff, but I need to send out some more applications (ugh) this week, so it may take a while, sorry!

D. said...

LOL it's cool. I'll wait :) And plus, urgh, I do know how it feels to get eyed suspiciously by shop staff. Most often they even follow me around to make sure I wouldn't steal something. Dammit, do I look that touristy???

No worries about the reading. Take all the time you need!


Caty said...

Ooooo RD724 is right in my wheelhouse! I've been digging lipsticks that have beige with red undertones since I tried CPB Bamboo.

D. said...

Hi Caty,

Communicated via Insta *wink*wink*


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