Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

From the same Rose Set as the Fresh Rose Floral Toner is this 30mL/1fl. oz. glass jar of Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream, which brought my skin back to life after Tatcha The Water Cream deep fried it.

I've already sung the praises for the packaging of this set so I won't repeat again. Suffice to say I'll be keeping and reusing this perfectly sized glass jar.

I've been using this cream as part of my morning routine, underneath my sunscreen cocktail. It looks like a gel-cream in the jar but goes on rich and satisfying. My skin slurps it right up and it doesn't leave any kind of greasiness behind. The best part? It actually moisturizes and sits quite well under my sunscreen! Hooray! There is a scent, mostly of cucumber and only faint of rose. I'll have to check out other creams from Fresh. Count me intrigue.

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