Monday, October 17, 2011

Columbia Tower Club, Seattle

The Columbia Tower Club is on the top 75 and 76 floors of the Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle. We had a little party there, sharing the floor with some kind of benefit on the other side that started off with a fashion show ^.^ So several of us were standing on the other side of the stair stealing a peek at the show while the party was going on LOL!

All these pictures belong to mum in law and aunt D. I couldn't bring my camera that night so I missed out on some photo-ops. Oh well...

The view was spectacular! 

How cool is this picture?

Even the Seattle Space Needle is dwarfed in this view.

The fruit platter, around which I hovered the whole entire night. I had to eat my fill before returning to the land of crazy expensive fruits, you know!

Oh man, I can't believe aunt D. snuck her camera in the ladies' room, but I'm glad she did :P Apparent each lady room has a glass window that looks out over the city. It was so awesome that later in the night when the party on the other side of the floor concluded, we snuck several of the boys in to show them since the men's room only has...the walls.

The ladies' room also has a rest area with sofas and, of course, a huge window with the fantastic view.

Me on the dance floor after a few sips of wine -.-'. And hubby was such a gentleman to come along just in case I trip over my heels and make an a** out of myself ^.^

Enjoying the night lights with the host of the party.

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