Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lancome Color Design Lipsticks

I did tell you Lancome can be ridiculously generous with their GWP, right? As a result, every time I buy something from Lancome, and perhaps their GWPs have been successful in getting me to spend money, I get lots of freebie skincare samples, Juicy Tubes, and lipsticks. They used to give out a couple of Rouge Sensation Lipsticks and many Le Rouge Absolu Lipsticks, which got me to actually buy another Le Rouge Absolu Creme Lipstick in Rosiere! Nowadays, they give out a bunch of Color Design Lipsticks ^.^

The Color Design Lipstick is scented with the same perfumy rose fragrance but isn't as creamy and moisturizing as its big sister Le Rouge Absolu (or her current incarnation as L'Absolu Rouge). However, I like it that it comes in many different finishes such as...
- Cream: moderate to full coverage with no shimmers and semi glossy.
- Sheen: sheer to moderate coverage with fine shimmers and semi glossy.
- Shimmer: sheer to moderate coverage with lots of chunky, almost glittery shimmers.
- Metallic: moderate to full coverage with lots of fine shimmers that gives off a metallic sheen.

B-List: Cream finish, moderate coverage, looks like a nude lipstick in the tube but turns a fleshy peach on me. 

- Natural Beauty: Cream finish, moderate coverage, looks brown in the tube but turns a nude color on me.

Here's a comparison between Natural Beauty (bottom left) and B-List (top middle). All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- Pink Attitude: Shimmer finish, very sheer, a completely translucent wash of petal pink with very visible chunky shimmers. That said, it's actually quite pretty on my lips and is surprisingly smoother than expected. I thought it would be really gritty given all that shimmers, but it wasn't! 

From left to right: B-List, Natural Beauty, and Pink Attitude.

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