Thursday, October 6, 2011

SkinFood Black Raspberry Toner

I've been wanting to try out these 2 bottles of SkinFood Black Raspberry Toner that I got as GWP for a while but never had the chance. Until now. I just love traveling, because it's an excuse for me to try (and buy) new things ^.^ 

This toner is viscous like many Korean/Japanese toners, and I pour it into my palm and pat into my skin in the morning and at night prior to moisturizer or sleeping pack. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave me sticky or anything, and that's a relief to be honest, because I haven't had the greatest experience with Korean toners. They tend to be drying, being chock full of alcohol, but hey, most toners have alcohol in them, whether Japanese or Korean or North American or European, so meh. 

I think what I like best about this toner is the scent. It smells somewhat like a powder scent mix with Chinese herbal medicine, and I know that sounds disgusting, but trust me the scent is oddly soothing and I like it a lot! I'm not sure if I would drop the dough and buy the full size, but only because I'm in Japan and there's a myriad of stuff here I still haven't explored and I don't want to overextend myself into the Korean market as well. 

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