Monday, October 17, 2011

Etta's Seafood Restaurant, Seattle

Etta's is one of Tom Douglas's many restaurants, and I don't know about Tom Douglas and didn't quite enjoy my lunch at Etta's either, but I did have what must have been the best chicken wings I have ever had! And erhh...sorry, those disappeared so fast I couldn't take a picture of them. And we had 2 plates of them too ^.^ Yes, they were that good.

Dad in law ordered a burger.

I checked Etta's website but couldn't find the same chicken wings listed. They were not Buffalo wings. Perhaps these wings were some kind of specials that weekend, but they were coated with a sweet and tangy Hoisin glaze and came with some kind of spicy Sriracha dipping sauce, but I didn't bother dipping them because they were perfectly delectable by themselves. They were not battered, nonetheless they have a thin layer of perfect crispiness that crunched and melted in my mouth at the same time. Wow! We had 2 plates of them on the table and between me, hubby, and his parents, both plates disappeared in a matter of minutes ^.^

For the main entree, I ordered fried jumbo shrimps, which I should't have, because that was just way too much fried food for my liking.

Hubby had a shrimp salad sandwich.

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