Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lancome Juicy Tubes Part IV

I got tempted by the recent Yayoi Kusama for Lancome Juicy Tubes collection and went for the Limited Edition Set from Neiman Marcus rather than buying them individually. And then there are a couple of freebies GWP too.

This Limited Edition Set comes with, from left to right, Rose Blossom, Swing Pink, and Crazy Raspberry. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm happy to see the quality of these Juicy Tubes haven't changed and they are still as thick, smooth, non-sticky, and moisturizing as I expect them to be. Even their knack for the hit-and-miss scents haven't changed -.-' Ha...I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too :P 

But the good news is that none of the Yayoi Kusama for Lancome Juicy Tubes in this Neiman Marcus set has any shimmers in them. It was difficult for me to tell from online pictures whether any of them has shimmers, and I prefer my glosses without any shimmers. So these are sheer translucent, which really makes them glorified glossy lip balms if I really think about it ^.^ I still love them though :P

- Rose Blossom: pretty much a clear gloss with a citrusy lemony scent.

- Swing Pink: this one is interesting. It has a slight floury texture and not as smooth as the other two, but once I press my lips to even out, the texture kind of disappears. This odd floury texture sort of reminds me of Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot and Grapefruit, only not as annoying and more tolerable since it actually goes away. Despite the cool pink color in the tube, it's also pretty much clear going on and has a nice coconutty scent.

- Crazy Raspberry: this one has a raspberry pink tint that gives my lips a nice translucent wash of color. The scent is a mix of raspberry and melon, and I like the raspberry but hate the melon ^.^

Swatches from left to right, Rose Blossom, Swing Pink, and Crazy Raspberry. 

- Bolole: I love love love this bright red orange color that gives my lips such a beautiful reddish wash, but the scent used to make me sick. Honestly, this one used smelled like funeral flowers and it made me sick to my stomach every time I smell it. I actually tossed my old tube and was really wary when I got a new smaller GWP sized tube. I was about to throw it out again when I stopped myself with the thought that Lancome might have changed the scent somehow, and thank goodness, they sort of did. It still has an annoying flowery smell, just not so much like funeral flowers anymore. I still don't really like the smell so much, so I left this one at home, which explains why there isn't a swatch for it.

- Coral Rush: a semi opaque coral pink with gold iridescent shimmers. It's actually very pretty and somewhat pigmented, so I don't wear it that often. Oh, and fake melon scent doesn't help either. I don't know why Lancome like to make these Juicy Tubes with melon scent. Yuck.

Despite the translucency in the swatch, the gloss is actually semi opaque.

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Citrine said...

Bolole and Coral Crush are the exact two shades that make me gag (the blue one they used to have age ago, icy pop...smell pretty disgusting as well). I used to love juicy tubes so much but now I just got over it...

D. said...

Hi Citrine, I wasn't the only one getting sick because of these scents. Why would they do that to a perfectly good gloss? I mean, people put it on their lips for goodness' sake, at least make it more tolerable. Urgh!


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