Friday, January 6, 2017

Addiction, Lunasol, and Suqqu Spring 2017 Web Finds

Update Saturday, January 7, 2017.

Found yet another post on Addiction Flower Evolution Collection with swatches via

Looks like Eyeshadow 112 Flower Evolution and 117 My Darling are both base/highlighters after all. Oh well. Will skip both in favor of just the Lipstick Sheers. I have too many base and highlighters already.

Update Thursday, January 5, 2917.

Another reader, dee, has kindly pointed me to a Taiwanese blogger's entry with awesome swatches of all 6 Suqqu eye palettes and 5 Extra Glow Lipsticks! Hooray! Thank you, dee!

Original post.

Been very frustrated with the lack of swatches and previews for the upcoming Spring 2017 releases from Addiction, Lunasol, and Suqqu. Come on, interweb! May be I'm looking at all the wrong places?

Here are the few I've found, with help from fellow reader Caty. Thank you Caty!

- Addiction Flower Evolution Collection, on sale January 6, 2017, has some 10 new eye shadows, some of which are eye-catching mosaics. Too bad 6/10 are also mattes, including 119 Flower Portrait I was lemming :( Boo. Hiss.  

***Screencap from Addiction JP. Click photos to zoom.

See indoor swatches of all 10 via fudejapan. More indoor photos but no swatches here and here

The studio photos are so washed out the colors look like base/highlighters don't they? :(
***Screencaps from  

On my buy list are Lipstick Sheer 003 Cherry Cherry and 004 Cassis, and Eyeshadow 96 Blue Moon. I'm on the fence with 112 Flower Evolution and 117 My Darling, and only slightly curious with 113 Midnight Moon and 115 Like a Dream.

- Lunasol Colorful Sky Eyes, on sale January 13, 2017, are sparkly and gorgeous!

See indoor swatches of all 4 palettes here and here. Iris at Rouge Deluxe shared some links too. More indoor photos but no swatches here and here.

On my buy list is 03 Pink Orange, because I'll definitely use the majority, if not all, the colors in that palette. I'm on the fence with EX01 Colorful, liking the right half for sure but find it lacking a deep color at the same time. I do like the eggplant in 01 Yellow Lilac and the blackened green in 02 Blue Green also, but those are probably the only colors I'll use from those palettes, so I'll refrain. 

For some reason, these Sheer Aqua Stick Lips just don't interest me at all. 
***Screencaps from Lunasol JP.

- Suqqu is releasing some neat stuff! On sale January 20, 2017 are the Designing Color Eyes quads in 6 whopping variations, as well as 5 new colors of Extra Glow Lipsticks.

***Screencaps from Suqqu JP.

Check out Instagrammer sharonrulala for photos of all 6 eye palettes and 5 lippies with some swatches and videos. More swatches of 02 光橙花 (Hikaritouka) and 101 純桜色 (Sumizakurairo).
More indoor photos but no swatches here and here.

On my buy list are Extra Glow Lipsticks 12 百合橙 (Yuridaidai) and 13 冴薊 (Saeazami). I'm interested in 01 優芍薬 (Yuushakuyaku), 04 絢撫子 (Ayanadeshiko), and 05 蒼雫 (Aoshizuku) but would like to see swatches first. They look pigmented, but who knows.

Anything catches your fancy?


dee said...

Thanks so much for this! I too have been searching for those rare swatches! Think I'll just wait til they launch, won't be long now anyway :P
I had major lemmings for these but I feel like they're waning. I've convinced myself to skip the mosaic ones because I always worry that you'll get a vastly different shade due to the randomness of these type of shadows. I do like 117 My Darling, it looks promising despite the eye swatch. Otherwise the only one I'm kind of interested in is surprisingly Lady Amaryllis! I like those blushes too, even if they seem very dupeable. And those two LE compacts do look very pretty!

And I agree with the Pink Orange choice for Lunasol :) If you need convincing, I think EX01 is a good palette giving you all the Spring-time shades. All the usual suspects are there and I like that they only give half-pans of the shades you're less likely to use haha. I'll snap these up if they're not overly sparkly.

Here's a Taiwanese blogger's swatches and review of the entire Suqqu Spring release:
It's in Chinese though but the pictures should speak for themselves :)

D. said...

Hi dee,

I know what you mean with Addiction. I had eyed several more but they all turned out to be mattes :(

I'm having second thoughts for EX01 too. I do like the orange, pink, and pale yellow. Just not sure what to do with blue and lavender.

THANK YOU for the link to the Suqqu swatches! If you don't mind, I'm add it to my post above :) The swatches reinforced my lemmings for palettes 04 and 05 for sure, and I think I might switch to 02 instead of 01 as the deep shade in 02 looks like a plummy brown instead of chocolate! Also, I'm going to pick up EGL 11 and 101 ^.^


Citrine said...

I kind of want a suqqu extra glow but the packaging is hard to swallow. I actually am OK with most Japanese releases, I want a few from western brands though. The tinted balm from Bobbi Brown and the plummy Dior Glow balm (but neither made it to macys for me to swatch)...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Funny enough, I'm going in the opposite direction: I've lost interest with the vast majority of Western brands with the exception of a very few for their lip products (Lipstick Queen, Tarte, etc.) ^.^"

Do agree that packaging for the EGL is less attractive than those for the CG's. Out of all my lippies, I think I like Suqqu's packaging best, because they're so slick and slim but don't feel plasticy or cheap.


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