Thursday, January 12, 2017

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick

After all these years of reading about the Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick, at long last I got my hands on a couple of them. These are supposed to be extremely pigmented, full coverage lipstick, far from what I reach for everyday, but I guess I'm sufficiently curious ^.^ They've also been discontinued in Japan and are available only in the UK, but I suppose the exchange rates are making it slightly less painful for me to indulge my curiosity.

So I picked up EX-01 冴薔薇 (Saebara), a UK exclusive for the holidays 2016 collection. That said, I've also read that these particular LE's have a markedly different formula than the regular Creamy Glow lineup, so I needed another to compare (excuses, excuses ^.^"). Incredibly, I stumbled upon 18 唐紅花 (Karakurenai), probably the most sought after color in this line, and was able to snatch it up for a great price comparable to the UK retail. Scored!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The only difference between the Creamy Glow and the Bright Up packaging is that gold band on the Bright Ups. Simple and perfect.

The UK exclusives don't have a round sticker at the bottom of the tube. Instead, there's a much larger sticker on the body of the tube, the lower half. I prefer the sticker on the bottom, hidden and out of the way, but this is completely trivial considering everything they did right with the packaging.

- 18 唐紅花 (Karakurenai): a shimmer free, bright and opaque yellow-based red that's possibly the most perfect, scorching, and powerful red I've ever come across. Everything I've read about this lipstick is absolutely correct. It's extremely pigmented, achieving full coverage with just one light-handed swipe. And yet at the same time it's a featherweight formula that just melts onto my lips. If anything, it has too much slip as I prefer some tug. The finish is softly matte. I'm not sure when I'll ever have the chance to wear such a statement lipstick, but I'm certainly happy, if not giddy, to own it. It's that special.

- EX-01 冴薔薇 (Saebara): also shimmer free, a blue-based red that shows more pink on my lips. The finish has a slight sheen, and despite the translucency it can be layered to full coverage. It's also true that this formula is markedly different than one from the regular lineup. For one, it has a thicker, balmier texture that gives the nice tug I like. Secondly, being already pigmented for my everyday wear but as you can see, it's still nowhere near 18's level of pigmentation.

18 唐紅花 (Karakurenai) and EX-01 冴薔薇 (Saebara) side by side, respectively. The swatches are a single swipe each. Nuts!


kuri said...

Gah! Want... But don't need at all...

Citrine said...

Hmm. Saebana looks really nice! Good thing I bought several other red so I am not too tempted. Now I want to look for pass limited colors...

It's reassuring to hear that it's a different formula since I just received kanbotan today(I wanted momobara but it's like 60 bucks on ebay)...A slippy full on fuchsia berry would be a major no-go.

D. said...

Hi Claire,

LOL need is a total overstatement :)


D. said...

Hey Mina,

I picked up Saebana only because I read the formula was different! Otherwise I'd have skipped it. Definitely don't need 2 crazy pigmented, slippy red lipsticks!

Looking forward to your review of Kanbotan.


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