Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream Part III

Finished these two tubes of Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream a while back, just as the weather turned cold and my hands were ready for something thicker and more substantial. Throughout the summer, I'd used up Rose de Vigne and The de Vignes from Hand and Nail Cream Trio bought during the last holidays season. 

I sure hope Caudalie release more of these gift sets soon because they make such fantastic presents for friends and family. Everyone I'd sent some to loved what they got so I'm inclined to send more out to more folks :D

- Rose de Vigne: my favorite one of the three, actually! It smelled only faintly of rose but the fragrance was otherwise really pleasant, a soft floral. Yes, a floral fragrance I actually enjoyed! I immediately secured some backups ^.^

I scored this Rose de Vigne hand and lip set for $8 on Amazon ^.^ Both ended up going to my mum though, because she would never buy stuff like this for herself.

- The de Vignes: not as nice as Rose de Vigne above or even the original one. The scent was overly feminine and was a bit cloying to me. But it was still a good hand cream so I just put up with the scent but I definite won't repurchase.

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Julia said...

Oh, I remember buying a rose set once when we lived near the French border. (You can buy this stuff all over Europe, but it's cheapest in France.) I loved the Rose de Vigne fragrance, but tired of it a little after the bottle was mostly finished, and used the rest as a room spray. I'm sure if I were to buy one now, it would remind me of my time in Switzerland.
I also totally forgotten about the lip balm - I think I remember liking it?

D. said...

Hey Julia,

The Rose de Vigne is a really nice scent, right? The lip cream is really fantastic and I wish they'd make it with this fragrance too. Haven't tried any spray though, but I'm not really a fragrance spray person anyway.


Julia said...

It's pretty nice, though a bit simple for me, so I tired of it as a perfume.
I should take a look for the lip balms they next time I'm in Europe. Usually I buy cheap ones (there's a German brand selling a really thick, nice, natural one for a euro and a bit, and I love applying that before bed), or tinted ones for daytime, but I did like this.

D. said...

Hi Julia,

Wow really?? There's such a lip balm that's nice and thick and natural for only ONE+ Euro?? Sign me up!!!


Julia said...

If I ever make it back to Germany, I'll send you loads!

D. said...

Hooray!! Thank you Julia, but send just one xD

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