Sunday, December 9, 2018

Kiku-Masamune Kome and Hakko Moisture Gel

Hubby's been really enjoying this 150g jar of Kiku-Masamune Kome and Hakko Moisture Gel so here's a review for it. I bought it for him to begin with, just like the several other all-in-one gels he'd used up in the past (Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel, Grace One Perfect Gel Cream, Kokutousei Hakkou E Gel Cream Hydrating Elastic Gel).

This Moisture Gel is a 6-in-1 product, a toner, essence, milk, cream, pack, and makeup base all in one gel. Is it me or are they just getting more and more ambitious with these all-in-one stuff? Perhaps one day in the near future my night cream will cure cancer, take us all beyond the Milky Way, and cook hubby and me a 9-course Michelin star-worthy dinner while at it.

This Moisture Gel is unscented save for a faint fragrance of--what else--sake. Hubby really likes it! He said it's the best one he's used so far, very moisturizing and is perfect for this time of the year when even his normal skin gets a bit dry. He said it feels especially nice on right after shaving, and he actually layers it over aftershave. Apparently it makes his skin super soft and helps minimizes irritation from the razor.

One night I told him he was lucky these all-in-one products works for his skin, because my dry-combo skin needs a few actual layers to feel comfortable. Some folks are even more particular and follow a 6 or even 10-steps skincare routine, whereas I just need a lotion (toner), serum or essence, eye cream, and a moisturizer to seal it all in. Even then, sometimes I skip a step or two when pinched for time. He said he wanted to try my full routine using what I'm using: Suppin Essentials Essence Lotion, Clarins Double Serum, Kiehl's Rosa Artica Eye Balm, and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (didn't mix in the Clarins Booster though). So I laid out my nighttime skincare items onto my night stand, and after the shower we sat down and he applied all the things. His conclusion? It's nice, but it takes too much time, so back to his 6-in-1 gel he went the next night. Ha.

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