Saturday, July 6, 2019

Lunasol Airy Glow Lips

Last fall, before the giant box of goodies, Caty and I had another smaller swap in which I received two Lunasol Airy Glow Lips from her, in the colors 03 Macaron Coral (CO) and EX03 Marron (BE).

These were a brand new release in the spring of 2018 as part of the Macaron Collection. I skipped that collection entirely. There were too many pastels, and I can't really pull off any pastel to begin with. I love the colors, but they don't mesh well with my yellow skin tone. That doesn't mean I wasn't curious about the lipstick line.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Before hubby and I moved home from Tokyo in the fall of 2016, Lunasol had already changed the Full Glamour Lips, moving towards a much more pigmented and creamy formula with a satiny and opaque finish. Naturally, I was curious to know whether these Airy Glows would be any different, sheerer or lighter, like the older Full Glamours I have. However, I didn't like the swatches I saw on, and they were probably unreliable anyway. I had already gotten one too many Full Glamours and Maquillage Dramatic Rouge misses and didn't want to start with a new lipstick line, so I refrained. When Caty asked if I wanted to try her Airy Glows, of course I said yes ^.^
***Screencap from Lunasol Global

To be honest, these Airy Glows don't feel that different than the most recent Full Glamours to me. They're a little lighter in texture but aren't anything like Suqqu Creamy Glow's lacquer feel. Still, they're pretty pigmented for my daily use. The swatch photo shows one swipe each. There's a sheen in the finish, though not glossy. Despite descriptions of "sheer veil" and "clear color" in the above screencap, the two colors below both have white base, 03 more so than EX03. The swatches may appear translucent but once on, they both exaggerate every crack and line on my frequently dry lips. I'm happy to got to try these, but sadly they don't work for me.

- 03 Macaron Coral (CO): a beautiful, glowing coral, unfortunately with white base which makes it opaque and patchy no matter how I wear it (layering over lip balm, applying only one layer and then press lips to smear and spread, blotting, etc.). Nothing worked :(

- EX03 Marron (BE): a reddish beige that applies more of a peach-nude on my lips. This color too has white base. It's slightly less opaque than 03 above but still goes on patchy. I'm actually more sad about this color than 03, because it's a really pretty nude. Sigh.

03 Macaron Coral (CO) and EX03 Marron (BE).


Citrine said...

Ehhhh....I don't get why a Japanese brand is doing white base like western brand. It always seem like a filler ingredient since there are certainly opacity that melts into instead of sits on top of lips. Even Jill Stuart got rid of white base in their new lip blossom range...

D. said...

Hey Mina,

What I don't get is why Lunasol got into white base now, because even the Stain Color Lips which were soft mattes didn't have nearly as much a white base as these two Airy Glows. Too bad they discontinued the Stain Colors because I much prefer those to be honest. Let's hope they'll quit the white base soon.


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