Friday, January 4, 2008

Lancome Miscellaneous GWP Palettes Part II

More GWP palettes with 4 Color Design eye shadows and a Blush Subtil. These are the last 2 and are the most recent ones but again, Lancome didn't seem to have made any improvements on their products!!!

- Upper left, Suntouched: see last post for description
- Upper right, Creme Lustre: I don't even understand how this happened, but apparently this shade is completely different with the Color Design Creme Lustre in the last post, even thought they are supposed to be the same shade in the same line of eye shadow! This one is an ashy white with gray undertones, while the one in the last post is definitely a cream! What outrageous inconsistency!
- Lower right, Fashion Forward: metallic pearl, low intensity, a pretty seafoam green with green iridescent and metallic shine.
- Lower left, Couture: matte, medium intensity, a brownish plum that somehow turns muddy on my skin. Aye...
- Blush Subtil in Cedar Rose: matte, very sheer, a pretty nude rose color but is unfortunately so sheer that it doesn't even show up on my fair-medium skin! Boo...

- Upper left, Makeover: metallic, low intensity, a fuchsia pink that has a very nice metallic finish. I guess the picture is a bit over-exposed, but the color is much more pronounced than it looks in the photo
- Upper right, Pink Ice: shimmer, very sheer, a soft powder pink
- Lower right, Volcano: shimmer, low intensity, a gray that shows hints of beige on my skin
- Lower left, The New Blue: shimmer, low intensity, a silvery navy that claims to be metallic but is not. Sadly, it is also very dusty and its shimmers flake.
- Blush Subtil in Rose Fresque: matte, very sheer, a pretty rose pink color that is barely visible on my skin

See my previous Lancome Miscellaneous GWP Palettes post.

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