Thursday, September 2, 2010

More desserts at Denny's

Because it was yummy ^.^

This is the parfait version of the Fresh Peach & Sorbet Dessert I had last week. It has strawberry sauce at the bottom, then a dollop of plain yogurt, then several cubes of lychee jelly, then several chunks of fresh bananas, a handful of unsweetened cornflakes (yes, they put cornflakes in parfaits here, for the crunchy texture), then a small scoop of vanilla ice cream, another scoop of raspberry sorbet, milk jelly, then pieces of fresh white peach, some heavy whipped cream and finally topped with a frozen raspberry. I know all that sounds crazy, sweet and heavy as hell, but surprisingly it's neither too sweet or too heavy. It's actually a perfect combination of sweet and tartness, throwing in some crunchiness heaven. Wow, why don't the Denny's in the US serve this? It's delicious!!!

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