Monday, January 3, 2011

Spring January 2011

Finally, a magazine that's not a backissue, although this Spring magazine January 2011 issue still came out in early December. I got this because I thought the quilted pom-pom freebie pouch was cute, and plus I was in need of another pouch to store various things ^.^

This pom-pom pouch is of no particular branding, and it doesn't need to be.

I really like the fact that it's quilted and look slightly padded, and the flower print is very low-key, not in your face girly but still manages to be feminine.

The pouch turns out to be a tad larger than I expected, measuring 21.5(length) x 12(height) x 5(width) cm.

Cute as the pouch is, however, I must admit I am a tiny bit disappointed with it. Right off the bat, taking it out of its packaging I noticed a yellow stain towards the left end of the zipper closure. Then again, I will excuse this due to the fact that when I bought this magazine, it had been raining for a whole straight week - it might have been myself who had not been careful when carrying the magazine home and let it become wet, hence the yellow stain.

Anyway, of course the stain didn't keep my attention for too long before I was distracted by the the pretty lilac zipper closure with 2 pom-poms ^.^ The exterior is made of cotton. Though it feels thick and not as soft, it is quilted and very lightly padded for those who wish to carry makeup in this pouch.

The interior is lined with lilac polyester and has many pockets. On one side, it has 3 vertical pockets and another slot running along the length of the pouch. On the other side it has 4 slots that look like they would fit credit cards and whatnot.

And unfortunately, I found yet another flaw to this pouch - stitching holding up 2 of the 3 vertical pockets was coming undone :X

It looks like they made this in a hurry and didn't even finish up the stitching before cutting the thread...

Oh well, I still put this pouch to good use as storage for the many product sample pouches I have ^.^


Anonymous said...

I wish our magazines in the US had those kind of cute bags come with subscriptions!!!


D. said...

Hi Ava1986,

I wish that too, because I subscribe to many magazines when I'm home in the US T.T I'm sure you and I wouldn't be the only people who would appreciate these freebies either!!!

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