Friday, July 8, 2011

Fancy Parfaits

Another reason why I love living in Japan - there are plenty of fancy parfaits around ^.^

Check out my caramel cream parfait! It comes with cheese cake biscuits and a rougher version of cotton candy, to create the "cloud" effect. It was nice, but a bit dangerous to eat since it's like having a mouth full of sharp wires that are melting very slowly. I had to be careful not to puncture my tongue and cheeks while eating it. Sheesh! This sort of thing wouldn't fly too well in my lawsuit-happy homeland, but hey, it's Japan and [almost] anything goes here.

From a different angle.

From the top.

My friend K. had a matcha parfait, and it looked yummy too. Ours were "half" versions, by the way, as the full size is literally twice as big, meant for a lovey dovey couple to share.

Ironically, I still like the Mixed Fruits and Milk Pudding Parfait at Denny's best. It is similar, though just as delicious, as the Fresh Peach and Sorbet Parfait that was the seasonal dessert last September.

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