Sunday, July 24, 2011

More desserts at Denny's Part II

After the errands, hubby and I decided to stop by Denny's for a nice afternoon dessert ^.^

Hubby ordered a raspberry sorbet.

I wanted to order my usual favorite Mixed Fruits and Milk Pudding Parfait, but they discontinued it and put a seasonal one in its place - the Fresh Peach and Mochi Parfait, which was similar similar to the Fresh Peach and Sorbet Parfait that was the seasonal item last September. Oh hell, one look at the picture and I quickly forgot all about my usual favorite and happily went along with the new addition ^.^

This Fresh Peach and Mochi version has peach jelly at the bottom, then yogurt, then lychee jelly mix in with several banana dollars, a small scoop of vanilla ice cream, 2 small scoops of strawberry sorbet, 2 mochi balls (that had slid off on the side because I was too busy taking pictures LOL!), a milk pudding, cuts of fresh white peach, and heavy whipped cream on top. Oh man it totally hit the spot!

Seriously, sounds crazy but most fantastic fruity parfaits I've had in Japan were at Denny's!!! They weren't too sweet or heavy, just perfect!

Every time hubby and I go to Denny's, and we've been a lot, I absolutely had to order my parfait. They also have a chocolate version, and although I've been eyeing it, the fruit parfait just wins me over every time. Perhaps one of these days I will indulge in 2 parfaits in one sitting. Oh boy... :X

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