Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet June 2011

This Sweet June 2011 issue comes with a cute Jupiter zipper pouch with a pretty heart charm, and a heart bracelet, both designed by Rinka (I think...).

The pouch is made of PVC and measures 10(height) x 15 (length) cm.

It actually has a much nicer feel than the Salvator Ferragamo wristlet from the InRed June 2011 issue, though still not as thick and leathery as the Marc Jacob Daisy pouches from the same magazine October 2010 issue.

The heart bracelet supposedly has a pink tourmaline on it, though I really doubt it's genuine tourmaline ^.^

The zipper has a gold heart charm with an "R" for Rinka on it.

The pouch and bracelet together.

The pouch is well made. It has white polyester lining and its inner seams are covered.

The freebie pouch and bracelet as pictured.

An editorial with Mizuhara Kiko.

The outfits as modeled in the editorial.

Different models channeling French fashion icons.

Channeling the 70's fashion icons.

Taking after popular fashion bloggers.

More fashion icons.

Yet another magazine featuring Tiffany's. They're pushing it pretty hard, aren't they?

An editorial featuring Fujii Lena.

The next several pages feature all sorts of dresses.

30 days of coordinates with the shown pieces and accessories (they do that a lot don't they?).

Top 3 rankings for summer accessories

#1 - Scarves
#2 - Ethnic stoles
#3 - Flower print stoles

Earrings and necklaces (left) and hats (right)

Sunglasses (left) and headbands (right)

Socks, pochettes, and belts.

Mary Quant pieces featuring Rina Carolina.


Anonymous said...

i think i like this magazine....lots of fun and cute outfits for all preferences and alot are really wearable here. love the dresses but those are almost impossible to find here (unless one is a size 2 at forever 21). :( what is ur fav. fashion mag(s) in JP so far, D?

the dear on the mook really reminds me of bambi!


D. said...

Hi d,

That's exactly my thoughts too when I first saw the cute pouch - Bambi! ^.^

You asked tough questions miss d. I can't really pick a J-magazine favorite - there are so many good ones out there! Though I have to say, so far, InRed has been pretty good for 30-something ladies, Non-no for the 20-something ladies, and With and Steady for everyone in between, including professionals and OL's.


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