Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil

On my brief visit home, I dug out quite a few things and brought them back to Japan with me. Among them are a bunch of NYX stuff, and I'll start with these Jumbo Lip Pencils.

I got these Jumbo Lip Pencils a while back, but it wasn't until the Stila Lip Glaze Sticks that really got me to pay attention to eye and lip pencils. And even then, by eye and lip pencils, I don't mean eye and lip liner pencils, but the actual coloring pencils. I think they're convenient, with the exception to the sharpening part, allows the kind of control that results in a precise application. I really am enjoying using them! I haven't used these NYX Lip Pencils very often, but that's only because I'm all taken with the Stila ones right now.

Vanilla Ice

Hot Red

I only got 2 colors, but I'm definitely getting more of these. They feel very creamy and smooth when swatched. Granted they're not buttery melty like the Stila ones, but that's because the Stila ones only give a sheer wash of color whereas these NYX ones are more like lipstick in a pencil. I know it all depends on the color and I've only tried 2, but holy crap the Hot Red color is super duper pigmented (which explains why I haven't used these too much...).

- Vanilla Ice: to be honest I don't know why I picked this color ^.^ It just seems pretty at the time, but it really doesn't belong on the lips. Also, it's feels drier than the Hot Red, which only reinforces my opinion. It's a pretty almost metallic ecru beige that would make a lovely highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes, which is exactly what I plan on using it for :P 

- Hot Red: yowza! This is a semi-matte yellow based red that really goes on a fire engine red! The reason I say it's semi-matte because it does give a sheen if layered and only becomes more matte when I press my lips together to thin it out. It feels more moist than Vanilla Ice.

Vanilla Ice and Hot Red, see the sheen on the red? All pictures taken indoor with flash.


kuri said...

what lovely lip pencils! I do find them super convenient; the NYX ones look really nice.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

These really are gorgeous! And that price only makes me want to collect them all ^.^ I'm currently waiting for a good promotion from Cherry Culture to pounce xD


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