Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mina January 2012

I was looking for a new day planner when I spotted this Mina January 2012 issue that comes with a -tadaa- Jill Stuart day planner ^.^ Perfecto! It has been a while since I last picked up a Mina issue anyway :)

Hmm...I do wonder why the cover model is wearing her flannel pjs with a hat ^.^

So here's the Jill Stuart day planner is actually quite nice! 

It has a hardcover and measures 17.8(height) x 12.8(length) cm. There are also 2 satin ribbons, lilac and pink, as page markers. 

This elastic bow strap keeps the day planner securely closed.  

How would you fasten your day planner? Vertically or horizontally?

The pages inside are nice and thick with a pink theme. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase and am already putting the day planner to good use in my bag ^.^

The rest of the magazine was only hohum, nothing new or unique. I guess I'm sort of fed up with how fashion spreads in Japanese magazines seem to be repeating themselves over and over with each issue.

Winter styling with new items, first the denim shirt.

Chino pants.

Menswear inspired jacket (top) and lace skirt (bottom).

Counting down 35 days until New Year with new coordinates using the items shown.

Outerwear and knits

An article on Yoshikura Aoi.

The big headline says "I don't know my size," and the rest looks like a page of Do's (the bigger picture) and Don'ts (the smaller insets), though I honestly don't get a lot of these, as the supposedly "Don'ts" look perfectly fine to me :P

Again, the big headline says "I don't know what looks good on me." This was lost on me too ^.^

How to style certain pieces.

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