Friday, December 30, 2011

Sea Breeze Shampoo

Almost finished with my current bottle of Sea Breeze Shampoo, which is actually made by Shiseido! I forgot to take a picture so there's only a stock photo from Sea Breeze's website. I noticed I've done this a few times now with shampoos. It's odd, but unlike skincare or cosmetics, normally don't browse around for different options with haircare products and line up what I want to try next. I usually simply just pick one out at the drugstore, use it, then when it runs out, I run to the store again in a panic and pick out something else on the spot. I guess I should pay more attention to my hair -.-'

From left to right: Sea Breeze Shampoo and refill, Conditioner and refill, Shampoo and Conditioner and refill.
***Picture from Sea Breeze Japan.

This is, as I understood, supposed to be a scalp tingling clarifying shampoo, along the line of Sunstar Tonic Shampoo, which I use twice a week in conjunction with a daily shampoo. That said, the tingly effect is so weak I could barely feel it, and it's not like I've been using the stronger (Green) version of Sunstar this whole time that my scalp is dulled to the menthol. In fact, I was using the weaker (Blue) version of Sunstar prior to starting The Body Shop's Ice Blue Shampoo as clarifying shampoo, and to my disappointment this Sea Breeze shampoo seems to be weaker than both, in addition to being moisturizing. So perhaps I was wrong all this time and this was not meant to be a clarifying shampoo.

I have since switched back to The Body Shop Ice Blue for clarifying and use this Sea Breeze one as a daily shampoo instead, and it's been working great. In terms of softness, this combination of Sea Breeze and Macherie Air Feel Conditioner (yes, a bottle of conditioner lasts me for freakin' ever...) still loses out to the Macherie and Lux Super Rich Shine Shampoo pair, but it's not bad. The shampoo is pretty strongly fragranced, and the scent is unexpectedly sweet like a minty cream soda, though nothing intolerable. At least it's not a strong flowery scent, which I can't stand at all. But I will probably try something else next time ^.^

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