Monday, August 8, 2011

The Body Shop Ice Blue Shampoo

Been using this Body Shop Ice Blue Shampoo for the past couple of months after I ran out of my clarifying wash twice a week, the Sunstar Tonic Shampoo. The bottle doesn't claim any clarifying property, but it did say the menthol shampoo will leave hair fresh and soft. Close enough ^.^

So far, I think the shampoo is okay. Not the best clarifying shampoo and just an average shampoo in general. The menthol in it does give my scalp that tingly sensation, but no where as strong a blast or a total waker upper as the Sunstar Tonic, especially the stronger version of the Sunstar Tonic, which is a really nice clarifying shampoo to use in the hot summer because, woowee, it makes you feel like you just doused yourself with ice water! Anyway, the Body Shop Ice Blue Shampoo is nowhere near this strong, but I fathom if it was it would have faced much more red tape from the FDA, no? Usually menthol shampoos have really nice and invigorating scents due to the menthol, but this shampoo's scent somehow managed to resemble a glass cleaner's chemically odor and I merely tolerated it. Urgh.

The funny thing with this Ice Blue Shampoo is that if I follow up with conditioner, my hair will get oily the next day, however if I skip conditioner, as harsh as the shampoo felt during the wash and despite my hair feeling stripped and totally squeaky after rinsing, surprisingly it does become softer after leaving to air dry. And it didn't get oily either the next day. So why am I calling this an average shampoo in general? Because I've used a few shampoos that does the same, if not a better job of leaving my hair super soft after drying. A couple of example of a better shampoo than this Ice Blue is the recent favorite Kracie Umi no Uruoiso and the all-time trusty fall back that can do no wrong Shiseido Super Mild.

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