Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kiss Twinkle Angel Highlight

Okay, I admit this Kiss Twinkle Angel Highlight has a very, erhh, funny name, but I promise it's a really nice highlighter ^.^ This was a limited edition from the holiday season of 2008, but it took my sister at least half a year later to track one down for me while she was still living in Shizuoka. 

I really love Kiss blushes (Pure Bloom Cheeks, will get to these later...hopefully), not just because each compact comes with 2 colors to mix and play with, but also because of their sleek and simple packaging, and especially so because of the tiny heart pattern that is embossed onto their surface. So when there's a highlighter made in a similar fashion, I had to get my hands on it! 

All pictures taken indoor with flash, unless otherwise noted.

This highlighter has a decently soft texture and is a bit more potent and other highlighters I've used. It gives me a nice glow, and with all the shimmers I do think it's better for night time. That said, despite looking very shimmery, especially that pink color, it's doesn't turn frosty on me and I like to sweep it over my t-zones and under eye area for a brightening effect.

From left to right: shimmery powder pink, shimmery white. Picture taken in natural light without flash.

Looking around on Kiss' website, I'm totally excited to see the newest Kiss Mix Moon Highlighters and Mix Heart Cheeks. Super duper cute, no? I'm so going to stalk Plaza now ^.^ Want!!!

The Mix Moon Highlighter is available in 2 "colors": 01 Pink Sherbet and 02 Pure Beige, which I doubt will make any difference going on. Still, I like them :P

The Mix Heart Cheeks are available in 4 colors: 01 Dolly Pink, 02 Apricot Pink, 03 Fruity Orange, and 04 Little Rose. And yes, I want them all!!!
***Pictures from Kiss Cosmetics Japan.


kuri said...

Super cute!
Must look away or my stash will keep growing...

D. said...

Hah...unless you're like me and like to grow your stash of cute things ^.^

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