Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Lotion

Just a quick review for the 8mL travel size Elixir Superieur Lifting Moisture Lotion Type II Moisturizing here. This is from the Elixir Superieur Travel Kit I picked up during my few days in Nagoya.

The Elixir Superieur Travel Kit includes 8g Makeup Cleansing Gel N, 8g Cleansing Foam N Type II Moisturizing, this Lifting Moisture Lotion Type II Moisturizing, and 8mL Lifting Moisture Emulsion Type II Moisturizing, which I will review next.

This is a slightly viscous lotion (toner) to be patted onto the skin after cleansing. It goes on with thicker-than-water and slightly viscous feel but it's not slimy. It feels very sticky at first but will absorb completely and the stickiness will disappear, leaving my skin nice and soft. It does its job to moisturize well but is nothing amazing. 

I'd say its biggest down fall is the scent. It smells like generic soap, very much identical to how the Naive Aloe Body Wash or Grapefruit Body Wash. Of if you've ever used Kirei Kirei liquid hand soap, it smells like that. There's nothing wrong with smelling like generic soap, except for I'm putting this stuff on my face, at which point the smell is an instant turn-off. It was promptly demoted to the neck and décolletage after just the first try. 

So yeah, I'm glad I gave this a try since I've always been curious about the line, seeing them at the drugstores I frequented. But let's just say I'm more glad that this is a tiny 8mL travel size bottle and not the 30mL trial size. It still took me a couple of weeks to use this up, and boy do I look forward to getting rid of it!

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