Sunday, July 6, 2014

Aqualabel Moisture Emulsion R (Softening)

The last of the Aqualabel Moisture Kit is this 20mL bottle of Moisture Emulsion R (Softening), with the rest of the kit being the 20mL Lotion R (Softening), 20g each of Milky Mousse Foam and Creamy Oil Cleansing.

Unlike the Lotion, this Emulsion is only available in S (Refreshing) and R (Softening). For something richer and thicker, you would have to go for the Special Gel Cream or the Moisture Cream instead. In fact, they do recommend that you apply a thicker cream after this emulsion at night, so seal in the moisture.

This Emulsion has the same mild fragrance as the rest of the Moisture Line (red packaging). Being an emulsion it's much thicker and more viscous, and feels (and looks) like a milk. I usually squeeze out 3 drops, warm it in my palm and press into my face and neck. And thicker and more viscous mean there is an initial stickiness, unlike the clean feel of the lotion. It takes longer to absorb too, although it does absorb completely given a good 5-10 minutes or so.

Being on the road, having something richer to pamper my skin with was a good thing, plus my skin is super dry, and our trip's destination is a dry area also. And this emulsion is moisturizing enough that there were nights when I feel I didn't need anything else extra on top. So I can't imagine using this stuff in humid Japanese or Taiwanese summer.

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