Friday, July 4, 2014

Aqualabel Moisture Lotion R (Softening)

Been using this 20mL trial bottle of Aqualabel Moisture Lotion R (Softening) after having finished HABA G-Lotion (*sniff* really enjoyed that stuff, but no, will not buy again...). This lotion comes in 3 types, S (Refreshing), R (Softening), and RR (Rich), and thankfully I have the R (Softening) because I'm not really fond of either S (Refreshing), it being not moisturizing enough, or RR (Rich), it being too moisturizing ^.^

This Lotion is part of a trial Aqualabel Moisture Kit, with 20g each of Milky Mousse Foam, Creamy Oil Cleansing, and 20mL of Emulsion R (Softening), which I will review next.

I like this lotion (toner)! It's scented with the same mild fragrance as the gel-to-oil and mousse cleansers, which I don't mind. It's also a pat directly onto your skin type of toner and not one to saturate a cotton ball with. It looks like water, but it's slightly thicker than water, though not thick enough to be viscous. It's moisturizing enough to leave my skin comfortable but not overly saturated. I was prepared for some initial stickiness, at least until full absorption, but to my surprise there isn't any! It absorbs quickly and completely.

Does it do anything special for my skin? Nope. It's just a standard, moisturizing, gets the job done kind of toner. The full size of 200mL goes for $21 on Adam Beauty, so it's reasonably priced and nothing outrageous. If you're bored and want to branch out to something new, I think it's worth a try. 

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