Monday, November 3, 2014

Beaua Organic Link Cleansing Oil

I've been using this 300mL pump bottle of Beaua Organic Link Cleansing Oil for a few weeks now. I bought it while in Taipei, at the same time as Beaua 10 Essences Cleansing Oil and PharmaAct Additive Free Cleansing Oil.

The bottle says this Organic Link Cleansing Oil has "essential oil fragrance," and that it's "infused with organic rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage, rose hip, bilberry leaf, cucumber, crataegus, and yarrow," so I was expecting it to have that nice herbal scent like the Beaua 10 Essences, but it turns out to smell like generic soap, very similar to the PharmaAct Additive Free! In terms of texture, it's almost identical to PharmaAct Additive Free, a cushy gel-like feel that isn't thick or greasy, and it doesn't melt into an oil after some massaging like the Beaua 10 Essences.

So if I have to choose, I would pick the Beaua 10 Essences, not only because it smells nice, but also because the PharmaAct Additive Free and this Beaua Organic Link feel like the same product in different packaging. And given that Kumano Yushi owns both Beaua and PharmaAct, they might very well be the same product in different packaging ^.^

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